Reserve Studies

While reserve fund studies are conducted for financial budgeting purposes to ensure that sufficient funds are available throughout the life of a project, a Reliance reserve plan is so much more than that – It’s our commitment to assure that we’re maximizing our client’s most valuable assets.

In choosing to partner with us, it’s not only siding with a team of seasoned and educated experts, but partnering with dependable and trusted advisors. Our unique financial model includes various interest statistics, depreciation analysis, and equality share approach. Our approach is to ensure a fair allocation of contributions over the life of the building with current and future owners’ interests balanced.

Unique funding model

As part of our comprehensive process, we are determined to offer Boards funding options based on detailed and relevant information, including historical funding patterns, current reserve requirements, annual contribution and a variety of other data. We place the utmost emphasis on communicating with Boards to not only provide an uncomplicated, transparent process, but to provide them with a solid base for future planning. 


This helps us develop and set a realistic and sufficient level of funding that meets the property’s needs and satisfies both the Board and its clients. It is because this approach Reliance is often referred by our industry partners as a reliable provider that understands the condominium market and the ramification of reserve fund study.

Our specialization includes:

  • Low to Medium Rise Apartment Buildings
  • Townhouse Complexes
  • High Rise residential buildings
  • Recreation Facilities
  • Mixed Use Apartment – Townhouse
  • Mixed Use Apartment – Commercial
  • Bare Land Properties (with or without improvements) 
  • Homeowner’s Associations
  • Residential Multi Family Assessment Appeals
  • Government Housing
  • Housing Co-operatives
  • House of Worship (Church)
  • Resorts


Case Study


A 10-year-old, 18 Unit, 3-story Apartment w/ Parkade and Elevator

What was the challenge?

The Board was concerned that the projected contributions listed by a recent reserve fund study were out of line, and would impede the marketability of the project. The complex also had roof and parkade building envelope issues which required immediate attention.

What was the solution?

We developed a new, detailed reserve fund study, which allowed for a sufficient funded level that prioritized the work required for the building envelope remediation. The report also set acceptable on-going funding at levels that were acceptable to the market and provided the building with the appropriate funds to function under a healthy and sufficient environment. We also completed a market analysis to compare condominium fees in relation to other similar building types in the immediate area.

What was the value?

Our report and market analysis provided the Board with a clear understanding of where the building was in terms of current funding and where that would bring them in future while addressing current building requirements.