We Help Condominiums and Stratas Achieve Reserve and Contingency Fund Goals

Reserve Fund Studies and Depreciation Reports help building or site owners see their short and long term repair and replacement expenditures, and provide a plan to properly fund those future expenditures.  

Why work with us

Reserve fund studies and depreciation reports are for any complex or property of any ownership style. If your property is looking for stability in funding future repairs and replacements or you need to fulfill governmental requirements you have come to the right place.

We Achieve Your Goals

In choosing to partner with us, it’s not only siding with a team of seasoned and educated experts, but partnering with dependable and trusted advisors who have your goals in mind. 


Operating since 2001, our team of reserve planners has combined over 40 years of live planning experience and over 70 years of related field work. Our team has also completed over 1000 studies in the last five years alone. 

A Unique Funding Model

As part of our comprehensive process, we are determined to offer clients funding options based on detailed and relevant information, including historical funding patterns, current reserve requirements, annual contributions and a variety of other data.

Looking for an
insurance appraisal?

Obtain one from our exclusive partner Normac and receive a discount on your reserve fund study or depreciation report. 

About Some of the Key Members of Our Team

Senior Planner and as of 2021 owner of Reliance Asset Consulting - Reserves. He has backgrounds in accounting, construction, architectural design, building remediation, and electronic design. He holds a diploma in Electronic Engineering Technology and the Certified Reserve Planner designation from the Real Estate Institute of Canada.

Dan jablonski, crp - Building Science Director / Owner

As Reliance’s Reserve Fund Study Manager and head of Business Development, Cori brings the highest level of expertise, dedication and professionalism. Developing strong relationships is the foundation of everything Cori does, both professionally and personally.

cori west - Coordinator / Business Development

Lidka originally joined Reliance as a take-offs consultant using AutoCAD based measurements in 2013. She has been actively involved in the design and construction industry since 2006 and is experienced in architectural and mechanical designs, construction practices, and the Alberta Building Code.

lidka storm, crp - Reserve Fund Planner

Mike has been part of the Reliance Team since 2014, completing insurance appraisals since that time. Mike has completed 1000's of appraisals and is applying his construction and appraisal experience to completing reserve fund studies.

MIKE VAN DEN OUVER, DAR - Reserve Fund Planner

Terry is a seasoned Professional Engineer with 15+ years in Land Development, specializing in commercial and multi-family projects. He managed deep utility services, storm water, and grading design, collaborating with a multidisciplinary team and coordinating with electrical providers like Enmax and Fortis to ensure optimal electrical servicing, including right-of-way identification and transformer sizing.

TerrY VAN STADEN, P. Eng - Engineer

Harold Weidman is the founder of Reliance Asset Consulting Inc. and has completed appraisal assignments across Canada and in the State of Arizona. He has been completing insurance appraisals since 1977 and reserve fund studies since 2000.

Harold WEIDMAn, crp - Senior Planner

What You’ll Get With a Reliance Reserve Fund Study / Depreciation Report /Electric Planning Report

A trusted report, great service, a consideration of all perspectives of your property, and a caring approach.

Trusted Reports

Our reports are trusted by real estate professionals, property managers, and owners throughout Alberta and British Columbia.

Well Rounded Approach

Many components and perspectives need to be considered in the completion of a study. Our approach considers all aspects of the property from the complex's health, current owners, future owners, and market conditions.


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