Dan Jablonski (ICB Solutions Inc.) – Acquires Reliance Asset Consulting – Reserve Fund Studies


June 15, 2021 – Dan Jablonski is pleased to announce that he has acquired Reliance Asset Consulting’ (“Reliance”) Reserve Fund Study division through his corporation ICB Solutions Inc. and will be continuing to operate as Reliance Asset Consulting. Normac Appraisals Ltd. has acquired the insurance appraisal portfolio and operations.

Dan has been with Reliance for over 15 years and has run the majority of the reserve fund study business for the past 7 years. Dan will continue to bring his desire for great customer satisfaction into his new ownership role and is looking forward to improving upon the foundation that has been laid.

Dan Jablonski and Harold Weidman, President of Reliance, have worked closely over the past 15 years developing what they believe to be one of the best and most cost effective reserve fund study products on the market. Harold stated,  “I am elated that Dan is taking over the reserve fund study division of Reliance. There is no one better versed in reserve fund studies and understanding the intricacies of what these reports entail. Dan has been the most invaluable addition to our reserve fund study division so for him to be acquiring the reserve fund study department makes the most sense”.

The acquisition provides a seamless transition for the reserve fund study portfolio of Reliance as Harold Weidman, now previous owner, will remain in his current capacity as a Senior Reserve Fund Planner. With the transition Dan will be looking to improve delivery times by increasing staffing and implementing updated technology to help ensure our service remains at an extremely high level.  

 Reliance Asset Consulting will continue to service Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan for reserve fund studies and is partnering with Normac to provide insurance appraisals.

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